Filtering issue

Feature(s) impacted

I am Trying To filter by one of the fields in one of the collection but it does not work
the field is date type although other fields works fine and the same field in other tables workfine too

Observed behavior

the request of the filter to this field is returning 503
and taking alot of time

Expected behavior

when i build the filter from after and before specific date i want it to work and return the excpected result

Failure Logs


  • Project name:RebarAdmin
  • Team name:RebarAdmin
  • Environment name:Production
  • Agent type & version: Admin
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: overriding the count middleware

If a similar request work on other collections, but timeouts on the order collection my first guess would be that your database is taking too long to respond.

There is not much we can do from the agent side to fix that.

As I see in the error message, your timeout is set to 30 seconds, which is already very long.

Would you consider adding an index of the order.createdAt column on your database?

That will probably make the issue disappear, and your response time should be instantaneous (it’s a simple request with no joins).

The syntax on a postgres database would be:

CREATE INDEX created_at_idx ON orders (created_at)

(I can’t be sure of the capitalization of the table/column name, it’s not provided in your original message)