Forbidden error : sum of commissions

Hi everyone,

I have this “forbidden error on this formula”.
It is just a sum of a column with a filter data created at “is this year”
Someone can explain me which is my error pls?


Hello @Nadjib_Damerdji,

Could you please fill in the template for questions on the community forum? We need more information from your project to investigate on the issue.

## Feature(s) impacted
> Please describe in this **mandatory section** the feature(s) that will be discussed in this topic.

## Observed behavior
> Please describe in this **mandatory section** the current behavior you observe.

## Expected behavior
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## Failure Logs

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## Context

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In your case, if you can also provide the details about the error received from your agent, it would help. This can be done using the developer tools of your browser:

  • Open the developer tools
  • Reproduce the error (you need to received the error after opening the developer tools)
  • Open the network tab
  • Locate the call that receives a 403
  • Paste the response’s body