Forest can't access fields other than "id" in a Mongo collection

I’ve set up Forest. I’ve connected successfully to a Mongo database. The collections are listed, but when I “explore” or want to configure a “section”, the only field available to choose from is “id”. None of the other fields are available.

I’m not following. What value does the platform have if I can only see Ids in a collection?

Unfortunately, with all of the problems installing and trying to get Forest running, it’s disappointing to get this far and realize it doesn’t work with Mongo. Good luck with the project, but we need something that’s more reliable and easier to use.

Hi @TravisD,

Thanks for your feedback.
I am personally sorry you had several frustrating experiences during your Forest Admin onboarding.

Be sure that we didn’t build a platform to let our users only display the ids of their collections. As you mentioned, it provides no value. There might be either a regression on our end or a misconfiguration of your generated admin backend project if some/all collections cannot be entirely displayed.

Does this issue occur to all you MongoDB collections or is it restricted to this specific one?
Could you also share with us, the schema definition of your Potcolors model in your generated admin backend to start digging into this specific issue?

On a side note, we have Forest Admin customers that are using the MongoDB datasource for years and manage to display all their fields and build complex workflows with Forest Admin.

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I’m having the same issue. I only have 1 database, only 1 collection (I loaded sample data from mongodb to test forest admin).

Hello @Manas_Mahanand ! :wave: Welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear that. Can you share more details ?

  • Do you experience some error during the setup ?
  • Did you have some log to share ?
  • Can you share the forest-express-mongoose version you used ?

It’s quite deceptive since when I try to reproduce I get a fully functional admin panel in a few clicks.

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