Unable to parse only one collection data

Hello everyone!

Need some help from the community. I recently migrated from js to typescript and upgraded forest-express-mongoose and since, I am unable to see one of my collections’ data. However, I am able to see data for all my other collections.

I have attached the screenshots below. I would appreciate if anyone could explain the error and how I can fix them.

Find below details about my project.
Project name: Dibsy
“forest-express-mongoose”: “^8.4.3”,

Hello @tanish ,

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Can you send us the transactions modal please?
Can you also add a console.log(field) in the file services/filters-parser on line 214 and send us a screenshot of the output?

Bonjour. Ça va @mian ? thank you for your response. Below are screenshots of my model. Moreover, on server startup, I added a query to findOne() using this model and it is returning appropriate values, so I know the model is intialized properly.

I also console logged field in the filters-parser but its the same old error in the console, and i did not see anything with the prefix “field”. (see 2nd response)

Let me know if I have made an error.

Ammendmend to filter_parser file

Sorry @tanish we don’t have the same file, so I gave you the wrong line number. Can you please put the console.log("field: ", field) on line 206 instead of 214 and send us a screenshot of the output?


I console logged as per your directions and it seems the error was caused by using enums used as type in the schema. After removing the enums from type, everything is functioning properly. Take a look at the error below.


Moreover, I have been thinking about migrating my forest application to Nest.Js (express.js underneath) to give a more opinionated structure. Do you have any guide on how I can configure the forestadmin middleware for nest.js?

Thank you @mian for your efforts.


@tanish happy to hear that :slight_smile:
Sadly we don’t have any guide on how to configure the middleware for nest.js since we do not support it yet, but some users use it already, so it might work. Hopefully this ticket can help you do it.