Get the email of the user that made the edit or created the record


i am currently using forest_liana for my rails app and i was wondering if there was a way that i could get the name of the user that edited a certain record or even created one.
like i could maybe setup a before_update trigger in my backend and whenever someone updates a record on forest admin, their info would be sent in the request and i could somehow store their info in my database or something.

thank you!

I think that you may be interested by this feature and unfortunatly it’s only available for paying plan. You should be able to find the associated plan from your project settings → billing section. :slight_smile:

Hi @huss, indeed Forest Admin provides an Activity Logs by default in the Team plan.

However, you are free to implement your custom logic as the user email can be retrieved in every request made by the Forest Admin API. Here is an example in node (unfortunately we don’t have any ex in rails).

Here is more information as well about how to retrieve the user email in the JWT token.

Hope this helps!

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