Graphiql engine crash if I use forest admin gem in RAILS

Feature(s) impacted

/graphiql crash if i use forest admin gem

Observed behavior

I had graphql integrated with my rails project. and I was using graphql-rails gem and a graphiql-rails gem. I use it for development. and I had to set up a forest-admin for my project but after setting it up in development, I observed that it was crashing my graphiql editor.

Expected behavior

The graphiql engine to work properly.

Failure Logs


  • Project name: plato
  • Team name: development
  • Environment name: development
  • Agent type & version: “graphiql-rails”, “1.7.0”, gem “graphql”, “1.11.6”

Hey @Ashish_G_S , and welcome to our community :wave:

I just installed the gems graphiql-rails (1.7.0) & graphql (1.11.6) on a demo project and I can’t reproduce the issue on my end.
Do you have any other logs that show a specific error with our gem?

did you try setting up the graphiql engine? when the request is made from graphiql editor, then it will crash.

Everything works properly on my end.
Could you share any other logs or a piece of code that returns the issue ?

I am sorry. I also not able to find any other piece of information for the issue. but if I remove the ‘forest_liana’, ‘~> 7.6’, ‘>= 7.6.8’ from my gemfile then everything related to graphiql will work.

Hey @Ashish_G_S :wave:

Still no luck on my end, I’m not able to reproduce this issue as well.


  • Could you check on your frontend for any error log displayed?
  • I can’t find your project on our backoffice, are you sure about the name?

According to the stack trace provided, I can’t see anything related to forestadmin, and as I’m not able to reproduce this issue, it will be pretty hard to debug this.

Could you by any chance provide a minimal & reproductible example of this issue?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for checking out. I am trying to find some more clues for you guys to check. I will need some more time to check on my end. I will try and share more information by 2nd or 3rd of August.