Is that possible to use GraphQL?

Hi everyone,
is it please possible to use Forest Admin with GraphQL? I checked documentation, but I didn’t find much.

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What is your objective?

There is no specific adapters to connect Forest Admin to GraphQL APIs. Even the REST API adapter is very young, and not feature complete.

Hello @romaing,

thank you for your reply. I should probably describe my development stack a bit more. Sorry for it that I didn’t do right from the beginning.

As a backend in my project, I am using Nestjs together with @nest/graphql.

In addition, postgresql is running in the docker container and is managed by @nest/typeorm.

So we with that setup, I can get and maintain all information easily with GraphSchema like this:

Now, I just don’t know which way to go with ForestAdmin. While creating a new project, datasource type “REST API” does not seem to be an option for since I can use request body, right? Even if I wouldn’t use GraphQL, I would need to send a bit more complex information in the body then just use param.

I assume I will need any other datasource type together with forest admin backend, right? Should I go with that “PostgreSQL” in that case?

Thank you for your help and have a nice day!


For now, neither NestJS, TypeORM, nor GraphQL endpoints are natively supported by ForestAdmin.

This leave you with the only remaining option: connect ForestAdmin to your Postgres database directly.

This is done by generated a agent with the forest CLI.
The installation wizard (choose “Postgres”) will guide you to do so.

The downside is that when you perform changes on the structure of your database, you will need to make those changes again in the generated project (which will use Sequelize).

Thank you @romaing for your help!