Handling large file size ~ 250MB

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Feature(s) impacted

Smart action with a file form type.

Observed behavior

Unless I am mistaken, payload size limit is around 20MO from Forest Admin servers through which the request transit.


Before getting into the doc we were hoping to upload large files to a AWS S3 bucket through a smart action. Then we understood what was the limit to that regarding your own servers.

Would you have any recommendations regarding on how we could still handle it with Forest Admin?


Hello @Aldric_Libonis and welcome to our community !

We have a documentation that will help you implement what you need.
Request concerning smart actions do not transit to our servers, they are restricted between your browser and the agent that you installed.

I am suspecting a size limit in either your private network or the reverse proxy to reach the agent.

I hope this helps.

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Oh right I think I misunderstood this answer in an other topic where the smart action request transit threw Forest Admin server because it is following a request approval workflow.

Thanks for your help @dogan.ay

I’m glad I have been able to help, I will mark this topic as resolved.