Timeout issue with smart action

I have a small issue regarding actions that take a bit more time in Forest Admin. After about a minute, an error occurs: “Something went wrong: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.” However, the action continues to run on the backend.

I have already tried using “server.timeout = 10 * 60 * 1000;”, which works locally but not in production. This error appeared when we migrated to version 9.2.9 of forest-express-sequelize.

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Hi @NyAvotra99 and welcome in our community :champagne: ,

I will try to reproduce your issue. But in the meantime could you let me know on which browser your are experiencing this issue ?

Thank you for the welcome :blush:. I encountered this issue on both Chrome and Firefox.

Why do you need such a long action by the way :thinking: ?
Couldn’t you improve your smart action instead ?
Or if you don’t need the response you could return a response saying “The action has been taken into account and will be done in a few minutes” for example

The processing of the action takes a bit more time as it involves a feature to generate clients’ account statements. This depends on the number of transactions conducted by the client. At the end of the action, we await the file of the statement generated by the SMART ACTION.

So it’s a download action ? You are downloading the file right ?

Yes, indeed! It is a download action.

What server are you running, do you have an nginx running ?
Becaus eif that’s the case you will need to setup it with that

  proxy_connect_timeout       600;
  proxy_send_timeout          600;
  proxy_read_timeout          600;
  send_timeout                600;
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Thank you for your help, @vince . It was indeed the Nginx configuration you provided that resolved the issue.