How do I implement bulk checkboxes in a smart view?

I need to implement bulk checkboxes in a smart view.

I’m sure you all have a hidden component for this – can I get some guidance?

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Hello and welcome @austinrupie !

To make sure I understand well the problem you are facing, can you tell me more about the use case you want to set up via these bulk checkboxes ? :slight_smile:

Yes, I have a card view that shows records. Like having the table view, I need to be able to select many of them and perform Bulk Actions.

Right now in Smart Views there is no obvious way to implement checkboxes that trigger the Bulk Actions dropdown.

Hello @austinrupie

You can use the


In your code for the checkboxes, but you would need to implement the logic you want by yourself

Is there existing logic to trigger the bulk actions dropdown outside of the smart view?

Hello @austinrupie !

I’m not sure to understand your question, could you please elaborate a bit more?

So in a table, I can click multiple checkboxes and trigger the “Bulk Actions” dropdown.

I need to do this in a smartview, and I’m guessing it’s hidden logic you all have to make that happen.

    @onChange={{this.addRecordToBulkActions record}}