How do I upgrade forest?

I got this message in my console, asking me to upgrade forest:

[Server] [forest] 🌳🌳🌳 A newer version of Forest liana exists, you should upgrade for a better experience. Run the following command to upgrade: npm install --save forest-express-sequelize@latest

I ran the command, and the integration broke, because Liana.init no longer returns a middleware.

I’m unable to find a snippet / upgrade instructions on any of the following:

Any chance you could point me to some documentation that explains how to fix this?

Hi @Barnaby_Malet :wave: welcome to our community and thank you for using Forest Admin!

Have a look in this migration documentation
Let me know if it helps.

Thanks @Arnaud_Moncel. Can you point me to api documentation for forest-express-sequelize? Specifically, the Liana.init method now returns a promise, which I’m looking for a way to get around

We don’t have any documentation on forest-express-sequelize API.
We made the init function asynchronous in order to prevent errors when the liana initialize.
What is your issue with the migration ?
Did you follow this instructions ?

Yes, I followed the instructions. But I’m looking to integrate it without using async middleware. Which would require me to make large changes to my application.

You can probably do something like this:

Liana.init().then(result => app.use(result))

It should work. BUT :warning: you may be at risk of unwanted behaviour or issues.