How to configure an enums based on previous answer

Hello folks !

I’m trying to build a smart action schema and I want an enum input dynamic.

I have the following JSON:

    "brand_value_1": ["model_value_1", "model_value_2"],
    "brand_value_2": ["model_value_3", "model_value_4"],

My first input is an enums for picking a brand so its basically an array with all my json’s keys.

["brand_value_1", "brand_value_2"]

I want my second input to be an enum too but to be related to the answer given previously. If the user clicked on brand_value_1 I want my enum to be

["model_value_1", "model_value_2"]

Is there a way to accomplish that ?

Thank you very much and have a good day.


Hi @JuP,

Today we do not provide this :frowning: . Each field is “alone” and no reference is possible.
But, many users are pointing this kind of need, and we are certainly delivering this in the next few months.
I am adding your post to our product board, like that you will be informed about that.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: