Use dynamic enums in smart action field

is it possible to display a dynamic list of enums as string in a smart action field?

Expected behavior

I have users that can have many accounts.
I create a single smart action for user records.
In the smart action field, I would like to display the list of the accounts’ names depending on the user record.

To do so, I would need to set a dynamic enums property in the definition of the smart action.

const mySmartAction = {
  name: 'MAJ',
  type: 'single',
  fields: [
      field: 'Structure',
      description: "my description",
      type: 'Enum',
      enums: <SHOULD BE DYNAMIC>
      reference: ???, // should we use reference?
      isRequired: true

Is the feature released?

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Hi @guillaumejauffret :wave:t3:

Thanks for your suggestion, this is a request we have been getting a lot lately. I cannot provide with an ETA but we are currently working on it :wink:

I’ll log it in our ProductBoard, we’ll notify you on this thread as soon as it’s shipped :package:

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