How to format a field on the add form on forestadmin?

Hey guys,

I want my phone/fax number field to be formatted with the proper formatting for schema/USPS.
Is it possible to do that directly on this form ?

Hello @Joel_Alexandre_Khang

Forest Admin currently supports different widgets which can be chosen in the configuration.
However, we have no specific widget for editing phone numbers.

A solution can be to

  • Create two smartfields which automatically format the phone number on save (implement that on the set method)
  • Hiding the real fields

Here is documentation for that pattern

collection('customers', {
  fields: [
      field: 'formattedPhone',
      type: 'String',
      get (customer) {
      set (customer, value) {
        // remove all spaces and parenthesis
        const phone = value.replace(/ \)\(/g, '');
        // phone included the international prefix
        if (phone.length === x) = `(+${phone.substring(0,2)}) ${phone.substring(2,2)}`
        // phone did not include international prefix
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