Smart Field With URL

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m creating a field that gives me an URL, but it’s just a string that I can’t click, and I want to be able to click, not have to copy and paste.

That’s my code, I tried to add HTML like <a… but not succeded.
This is being done on forest/user.

      field: "Devices",
      get: (User) => {
        const devices = `[0][val]=${User._id}&user:_id[0][op]=is`;

        return devices;

Expected behavior

The link:[0][val]=${User._id}&user:_id[0][op]=is

Actual behavior

Just the string:[0][val]=${User._id}&user:_id[0][op]=is

(Just realize that here transform as a link already, but on Forest, you cannot click.


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • I have the premium version of forest.

Hi @Isadora_Rebelo,

The link widget does not suit your need ? You should be able to set it on your smart field settings:



If that does not work, could you make a small Loom video clip of your issue ?

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I was paying so much attention to the code side that would never have got there haha.

Solved, thanks a lot!