How to stop logs for relationships

yesterday i faced some issue in forest admin which was due to storage capacity full in machine.
on checking what caused it was log file of forest admin only.
It prints a lot of relationships query in log file.
Can something be done to stop printing relationship logs?

Hello @Kashish_Maggu,

Thank you for reporting this. I’ll look into it, but to help me nail a proper solution, could you show me:

  • an exemple of log line that you would want to hide
  • the command you use to start your ForestAdmin server

Thank you

0|server | payment {
0|server | dataValues:
0|server | { id: ‘4sad’,
0|server | createdOn: 2021-11-06T13:11:47.926Z,
0|server | updatedOn: 2021-11-06T13:12:21.645Z,
0|server | mode: ‘ONLINE’,
0|server | orderIdKey: ‘sad’ },
0|server | _previousDataValues:
0|server | { id: ‘asd’,
0|server | createdOn: 2020-11-06T13:11:47.926Z,
0|server | updatedOn: 2021-11-06T13:12:21.645Z,
0|server | mode: ‘sda’,
0|server | orderIdKey: ‘sad’ },
0|server | _changed: {},
0|server | _modelOptions:
0|server | { timestamps: false,
0|server | validate: {},
0|server | freezeTableName: false,
0|server | underscored: true,
0|server | paranoid: false,
0|server | rejectOnEmpty: false,
0|server | whereCollection: { order_id: ‘asd’ },
0|server | schema: ‘asd’,
0|server | schemaDelimiter: ‘’,
0|server | defaultScope: {},
0|server | scopes: {},
0|server | indexes: ,
0|server | name: { plural: ‘ads’, singular: ‘ad’ },
0|server | omitNull: false,
0|server | tableName: ‘ads’,
0|server | sequelize:
0|server | Sequelize {
0|server | options: [Object],
0|server | config: [Object],
0|server | dialect: [PostgresDialect],
0|server | queryInterface: [QueryInterface],
0|server | models: [Object],
0|server | modelManager: [ModelManager],
0|server | connectionManager: [ConnectionManager],
0|server | importCache: [Object] },
0|server | hooks: {} },
0|server | _options:
0|server | { isNewRecord: false,
0|server | _schema: ‘public’,
0|server | _schemaDelimiter: ‘’,
0|server | raw: true,
0|server | attributes: [ ‘id’, ‘createdOn’, ‘updatedOn’, ‘mode’, ‘orderIdKey’ ] },
0|server | isNewRecord: false }

sudo node server.js: - this command is being used
and the above example gets printed for each row present in db

Hi @Kashish_Maggu :wave: I take a look on our code and I am afraid, we don’t have any such logs like that.
It seem to be a Sequelize record object.
Can you check, please, if you don’t have any console.log or something like that in your code?

It prints the log for all relationships for a model. there is no console.log i double checked it

Hey Arnuad, any update here? stoage got full again today

Hi @Kashish_Maggu can you give me the version of forest-express-sequelize you used please :pray: (eg: npm ls forest-express-sequelize)