Relationships between models are not showing up on Forest Admin (Rails)

Further update: I’ve just realised that none of my database relationships are built-in, e.g. a book has_many authors in my Rails app, but when I’m viewing a book I see no author data alongside it.

Also, when viewing join tables, I’d love for the references to by hyperlinked to the main record, but right now I have flat IDs.

I’ve seen that forest-rails isn’t recommended, and indeed, when I tried it first, I got so many errors relating to UUIDs.

Anybody know how I can get my basic table relationships to be recognised or how I can configure them?

Thank you!

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Hi @Nadia and welcome to the developers community! I just moved your topic here since your deployment to Heroku issue was resolved.

Someone will come back to you tomorrow on the issue raised here but I just want to let you know that forest_liana Rails gem has been maintained since the early days and is now part of our core offering.

Hi @ziad. Yes, 8 months later, I’ve finally gotten round to this!

Thank you!

Though I still have an issue with needing my original Production environment deleted.

I am happy to go down the forest-rails route, but I had so many errors to do with UUIDs and my ActionText RichText setups, and I couldn’t find any help while Googling or on this community forum, and so I figured it wasn’t a done path.

If there’s an easy way for me to resolve my UUID errors, then I’ll happily go down the Ruby gem route.

Hello @Nadia,

We are looking at your old production environment to remove it, I forwarded your request to a team member.

Regarding UUID errors, can you send us the error stack trace so that we can investigate on our side? :slight_smile:

Hi @lclisson,

Good morning and thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

Right now, I’m not seeing the UUID errors any longer since I switched to the Postgres/NodeJS route. After a conversation with @ziad I’ve decided to go back to the forest-rails route.

Later today, I’ll attempt it and probably start a new thread once I hit the UUID errors.

I’ll have to delete my project to start again anyway, so perhaps it’s not worth worrying about deleting my old environment.


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Perfect, let us know if you encounter difficulties again with UUID errors.

Have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

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