How to transfer ownership

Feature(s) impacted

Transfer of ownership

Observed behavior

I have a private project that I’ve prepared for a client, and I have it working in development mode. I’d like to transfer this to the client.

They created an account and an organization, however no project since the only project they need is the one that I wish to transfer to them.

I can’t find any way to transfer ownership - no organisations are available in the drop down, and there’s no way to search for one. Perhaps I need to be invited to their organization, but we can’t find a way to invite me to it.

Can you please explain how this is intended to work?

Expected behavior

That I can transfer ownership of my private project to an organisation


  • Project name: ProjectComeUp
  • Team name: -
  • Environment name: development

Hello @timothyarmes,

In order to transfer the ownership of this project, the person that realizes this transfer needs to be owner of the new organization, owner of the previous organization (but there is’nt in your case, so it does not apply to your case) and administrator of the project (when the project is not attached to an organization).

So you can either invite the owner of the organization in your project and ask them to make the transfer, or being invited in one of their project, and then have your account added as an organization owner temporarily in order to make the transfer.