Transfer project "ownership" to another account (Free plan)

Hey, guys!

I created a project (Kintal - Admin) on my personal account, but I will no longer participate in it. Therefore, I’d like to transfer the onwership of the project to another person ( The problem I am having is that the “transfer ownership” feature on the project’s settings only allows me to transfer it to an organization.

Is there a way to disassociate my account from the project and put hers as owner? We are using the free plan.
If the only solution was to delete the project and creating it again on her account, would it be possible to maintain the layout changes?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Mateus_Roni ! Welcome to our community (even if you quit we might see you again) :tada: :confetti_ball:

Ok, I see your point as you’re limited to one user you cannot made the move easily…

  1. So I propose you to navigate to the billing section (under the project settings)
  2. Once there you can start a free trial to a higher plan that allows you to invite other users
  3. Then you can invite the new administrator (Project settings > Users)
  4. He will need to join the project then he will be able to remove you from the project
    (still in the Project settings > Users and click on your user he will have a detailed view with a section Danger Zone see capture above)

Let me know he you encounter any problem.

Kind regards,

Hello @Mateus_Roni,

I just look at your project, the new admin finally join the project. :muscle:

However, it seems that the new admin didn’t removes you from the project. He could be blocked once the trial end.

Let me know he encounter any troubles to remove your account from the project.

Kind regards,

Hey Morgan! Thanks for the help! I am only finishing some little details before leaving the project for good :slight_smile:

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