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Time-based API-based ChartTime-based API-based Chart

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I am trying to configure a time base graph using chart-API. So I configured custom url according to the below documentation. I am using nestjs for backend. I installed the forest-express-mongoose library. But I am unable to configure Liana class. It notified me of an error message(“forest-express-mongoose”’ has no exported member ‘Liana’). So how can i configure it?


  • Project name: cal-service FA api
  • Team name: FA Team
  • Environment name: Development
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: forest-express-mongoose: 9.2.8
  • Database type: MongoDB

Hi nalakka

I think that you are mixing two versions of forestadmin.
If you onboarded using nestjs, you are using the @forestadmin/agent package right?

You can uninstall all forest-express-* packages and follow the appropriate documentation:

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Hi romaing,

I configure agent with charts. Seems like, It’s working as expected. Thank you so much. :pray: