This chart cannot be rendered

Feature(s) impacted

Dashboard and charts

Observed behavior

Since I updated @forestadmin/agent to 1.4.1 and @forestadmin/datasource-sql to 1.1.4, on my dashboard, I get the error : This chart cannot be rendered. on every charts.

Expected behavior

Click on dashboard and see the graphics render correctly

Failure Logs

Chrome dev tool

Nest.js logs


  • Project name: meka-api
  • Team name: Op team
  • Environment name: Production & Development
  • Agent type & version: node-agent : “@forestadmin/agent”: “^1.4.1” running on NestJS 9.1.6
  • Update @forestadmin/agent to 1.4.1 and @forestadmin/datasource-sql to 1.1.4

Finally always the same error on the previous versions.

@forestadmin/agent: "^1.2.0",
@forestadmin/datasource-sql: "^1.1.1",

Hey @ThibaultWalterspiele :wave:

I’m currently unable to reproduce this issue on my end.
Do you have any specific configuration regarding your agent (renameField, etc.)

Thanks in advance

Yes I’ve this kind of specific configuration in order to add file upload field

Ok, but nothing related to the ExpeditionReport collection?

No but when I comment this code above, the error stops

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All the errors are triggering the exact same error message on the agent side?

I just checked your project configuration on my end and I can’t spot anything obvious at first sight (I can’t spot any chart configured that uses your video field, so I can’t really think of a reason that would happen).

Do you know if it’s the addField or the replaceFieldWriting that is causing this issue?

Thanks in advance

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