I need to Implement Filter on Smart Collection

I have created Smart Collection and It do not shows filter on the smart collection page.

I would like to implement the filter functionality. How it can be enable or show on the frontend page?



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Hi @Mayur_Malaviya :wave: welcome to our community !
Have you take a look on this documentation Create and manage Smart Fields - Documentation ?

All fields in a smart collection are actually smart fields, so you should be able to use the same syntax to enable filtering

Let me know if that help !

@Arnaud_Moncel Thanks for your response.
I know about this filter which can be implement on Smart Field but my concern is different.
I have created smart collection and It don’t allow me to implement filter.

Please looked at my smart collection. It seems no filter functionality.

Hi :wave: If you put isFilterable: true on each field you want to be filterable, you will be able to enable it on field settings

let me know

This can be happen in normal collection but as I mention earlier, here I have created smart collection it won’t allow me to enable filter. It is strictly disabled.

I understand, but the example I show you above is a smart collection !
If you create your smart collection like that

collection('smart', {
  actions: [],
  fields: [{
    field: 'fullName',
    isFilterable: true,
    type: 'String',
    field: 'toto',
    isFilterable: true,
    type: 'String',
  segments: [],

then you restart your server and refresh your browser you will be able to enable filtering.

@Arnaud_Moncel Okay, I got it.
Thanks for your support and prompt response.