Filters on smart collection don't work

Feature(s) impacted

Filters and segment on smart collection

Observed behavior

Any attempt to use a filter or create a segment on a smart collection return the whole collection

Expected behavior

When a filter is added or a segment is created, we should see only the records that match the condition


I created a smart collection using this documentation:

The collection is displayed well, the fields I want to filter have the isFilterable: true on their definitions and they also have the Filtering enabled toggle button on ON position.
I tried filter, segment and smart segment but in any cases the whole collection is returned.

  • Project name: Libeo-admin
  • Team name: Ops
  • Environment name: All of them
  • Collection : Company Kyc Summaries

Hi @Ludovic_Sepahi,

I have several questions for you in order to be able to help you. What agent are you using (forest-express-sequelize, forest-express-mongoose, etc…) ? And which version please ?
And could you please share your implementation of the filter for that smart colleciton ?

We use "forest-express-sequelize": "^8.0.0".
We have to implement filters manually ? I didn’t find anything about it, do you have a link for a doc please ?

I tried to add a filter like that but it didn’t work neither:

Yeah there is not much documentation on that sorry, you can find one here (params being request.params).
It’s much simpler on are new agent