I'm getting this agent unreachable. And 304 status code. can someone help me

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Can I have your project, team, environment names please ? :pray:

Rate race, Rate race, production

Thank, could you share your console and networks logs in the frontend and also you agent logs please ? :pray:

i’m working on backend only

Can I have the logs of your backend please ?

My goal is to find an error from your log. Do you have an error from your logs on the frontend when you are requesting the agent (backend) ?

no, all i’m getting is GET /forest 304.

Hi @Sudhanshu_Sharma :wave: and welcome to our community.
According to what I see on my end, and what I see on this thread, the informations you give us are not really relevant.
I see on my end you have two projects,

  • one named Rate Race with one Development environment and one Operation team.
  • another named RATE RACE with one Development environment and one Operation team.

What I see on your screen you try to access the Rate Race one, for that and what i see your development server must run on http://localhost:81.

I find something surprising, you sharing with us a sample of code which does not seem to agree with the versions i see for your project.

yeah i’ve made two projects, with name of rate race one runs on port:81 and other runs on port:3000.
but im getting same error in both of them

What happens when you try to access directly http://localhost:81/forest or http://localhost:3000/forest

it shows GET /forest 304

Can you give us a screenshot of the network tab of your browser console please.
I want to see which call to your agent is failing.


i’m getting this when i’m accessing it directly through http://localhost:81/forest

What I see you have a miss configuration of CORS.
I see on your code you give a new express app on mountOnExpress function.
You should pass your real app not a new one. Forest Admin attach some CORS configuration to handle authentification. Can you try like this ?

Okay i’ll try this and let you know