Impossible to retrieve the smart action at endpoint

Alright, this one is interesting. I would love to know how this bug got to production… (I think its a bug).

Expected behavior

The smart action should complete successfully.

Actual behavior

I have a smart action configured to download a file (download: true in the action definition). When this is set to true… the action (which is supposed to download a file) fails. It doesn’t even call the body. Instead it fails because Forest can’t find it.

For example:

Impossible to retrieve the smart action at endpoint /forest/actions/get-engagement-report?timezone=America%2FLos_Angeles and method POST

The issue is in this file, line 61:


I added a print-out to see why it is not finding the action and I got this:

When I set the action to a regular non-download action (download: false) Things work as expected (but I can’t trigger the file download). However, Forest does find the action.

Notice how setting “download: true” causes the action to be called with the timezone attached to the request, whereas, “download: false” causes the request to not have the timezone attached. When the timezone is attached to the request, Forest fails to find the corresponding action.

Looks like a bug. :face_with_monocle:


7.9.3 (forest-express-sequelize)
8.5.2 (forest-express)
4.17.1( express)

Hi @cto_nexus,

Thank you for pointing out this issue. We made a small update on way smart actions are working that should not have been breaking.

Things should be back to normal now. Sorry for the inconvenience. :pray:


Nice! Thanks. Very interesting bug.