Increase width side-menu

Hi ForestAdmin Team,

Is there a way to increase the size of the side-menu section?

I have a few joint tables, and the names are a bit long so they don’t fit at all (even with renaming).
The only thing I can do is to manually increase the width by going in the css in chrome…

I would have expected the possibility to resize the section manually. Is there a reason why does the width is fixed?

Thank you

Hey @LotusBlack,

I pushed your feedback to ProductBoard.
A quick win for us could be to add a title attribute to side menu item so you can at least see the name in full on hover.
Would that be enough for you while the side bar is not resizable ?


Hello @vince, yes that would be really nice!

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My bad it’s already the case except on segments :sweat_smile:

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