Better organization of tables

What is the feature?

Having collapse sections on the data table view to better organize tables

What problem does this solve for you?

We currently have around 35 tables that are visible on our platform, with an additional 30+ that are hidden.

It is really becoming a mess for our team to navigate information and find the relevant information to them.

Having a way to group them in sections would help us split purposed (ex. Accounts, Plans, Billing, etc.) and make the forest dashboard more usable.

Not sure if a work around exist to achieve this now?

Who else would be using this feature?

Anyone with many tables

Hello Esteban!

As ForestAdmin was designed, the solution is to create multiple teams, and allow users to switch between depending on what they are doing so that the interface is never cluttered for them.

However, clearly, the screen space could be better optimized for admin panels using many tables!
Thank you for your suggestion

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