Information needed regarding DEPRECATION WARNING


I have this message in logs:

DEPRECATION WARNING: Declaring `values` in a Smart Action is deprecated. Please use `load` hook.

Do you have any information about it?

“meta”: {
“database_type”: “MongoDB”,
“liana”: “forest-express-mongoose”,
“liana_version”: “6.6.2”,
“engine”: “nodejs”,
“engine_version”: “12.19.0”,
“orm_version”: “5.11.8”

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Thanks for reaching out @guillaumejauffret :pray:t3:

You have an eagle eye :eagle: We just released a new beta version of our Smart Actions (with forms).
Using hooks, it is now possible to make the form fields dynamic upon:

  • Form loading - Load hook (fields can be pre-filled, given default values depending on the record)
  • Form fields change - Change hook (fields values or dropdown options are now dynamic and depend on other fields’ values)

The recently introduced Load hook is a more powerful way to assign default values to your Smart Action form’s fields. This explains the deprecation message you are getting in the logs.

This is documented here, feel free to reach out again if you need any help!


That’s nice @ziad. I was expecting it!! I am going to llok at your doc. Thanks


I remember :slight_smile:

Apologies for not getting in touch earlier on your thread - Use dynamic enums in smart action field.
I wanted to test it out first since your use case includes related data with a reference.

We’ll be back with more examples and snippets in the next few weeks on our Woodshop (Code Samples) :nerd_face:

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