Is it possible to create a branch in the development environment?

yes we updated all the secrets and deployed

And the previous one is no longer running? Since it’s the same endpoint that could be an issue.

  • Did you try to disconnect? And maybe clear your browser Local Storage?
  • Are you sure to be connected to your new project? (Maybe share your current URL just to be sure)

The issue 401 is an authorization error. Like you don’t have the right token to talk to your new agent.

Let me know if it helps.

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Even I think it’s weird because we checked and FOREST_ENV_SECRET and FOREST_AUTH_SECRET are correct.

Can it be linked to the FOREST_AGENT_URL variable?

What value do you use?

we don’t use it because we use APPLICATION_URL instead of FOREST_AGENT_URL

I’m going to see to the one who made the server if the value of APPLICATION_URL corresponds well to that of FOREST_AGENT_URL

I’ll keep you informed !

You’re using forest-express-sequelize so you don’t need to set FOREST_AGENT_URL (only used in our brand new agent-nodejs). In your case, only APPLICATION_URL should matter.

Can you send me in a private message all your environment variables for your new production environment so I can check everything is well configured?

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Ok, I send you this !

it’s strange that even if we put the right value in the variable APPLICATION_URL we still get the error 401

Are there any other useful variables that we might have misused?

Hello @jacques_liao,

I don’t think you’re missing something here.

A little recap, you hit an error 401 (Invalid signature) since you deployed your new project production environment.

To have a clear mind on what is happening:

  • Can you share your token (Authorization header of a failing call)? So I can check it is well formed.
  • Did it works for your development environment?

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Hello @morganperre

I send you in private

I’m closing this topic.

The issue came from a misconfigured FOREST_AUTH_SECRET due to custom environment variables management.

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