Is Sequelize 6.x supported by Forest?

Hi Forest.

We upgraded Sequelize (from 5.x) to v6.17.0 and it looks like everything works fine.
But we found this Github issue in your Github public forest-express-sequelize repo:

At the moment we’re succesfully running forest-express-sequelize 7.9.3 and we’re going to upgrade soon to 8.5.x.

Are these configurations supported? Maybe, the above Github issue is outdated, is it?

Thank you,

Hey @Matteo,

Indeed, the issue you are mentioning seems quite old (I’ll close it right after to avoid the misleading information)

According to our internal tests, sequelize@6.0 is supposed to be supported with forest-express-sequelize@8.x. I’m not sure we did test the forest-express-sequelize@7.0 though, so I would suggest to migrate to the v8 in your case.

If you were to encounter any issue though, don’t hesitate to open a new thread here :+1: