Connect forestadmin to an api

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I’m working on a new company and forest admin is interesting.

Feature(s) impacted

Use the forestadmin’s Frontend


We would like to connect to use forest admin with our api.
We have got a lot of CRUD and our own database. Forestadmin could help us to growth fast :grin:

Is it possible to connect the backoffice to an external api and manage the data between frontend and backend ? I checked this and it’s look like we are not able to filter / paginate the result :smiling_face_with_tear:

  • Stack
  • current backend api : Nestjs, TypeORM
  • Database type: Postgres

Hey @D.Juu, welcome to our community. :partying_face:

Superbe use case, Forest Admin is able to do so and even more. :muscle:

This is a very old and outdated documentation… :cry: (Thanks for the feedback our team will remove it asap)

It’s possible for sure. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve. Forest Admin agent for Node.js @forestadmin/agent (backend that runs on your side) provides a wide range of tools (high-level API) to respond to a variety of use cases.

I can forward your message to some colleagues so they can demonstrate the tool to you and your team if you wish.

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