isReadOnly or is_read_only?


i noticed that some of the attributes for smart action form fields have slightly changed. like isRequired for example has changed to is_required, and i believe that isReadOnly has also changed to is_read_only.

my confusion is that some of my previously defined smart actions still work even though, they are still using the old attribute definitions.
and for some of my new smart actions im using the underscore form (is_required, is_read_only) and they work, and they don’t work if i use the old form (isRequire, isReadOnly)

so could someone please clarify exactly which one i should use and why are they both working?

thank you!

Hi again :wave:

is_read_only/is_required is the way to go after 7.0.2 of forest-rails.

isReadOnly was supported before (it still is though, we introduced a deprecation warning but the feature should still work).

Let me know if that helps.