Forest admin layout bugs - unexpected UI changes

Feature(s) impacted

  1. Smart action form field descriptions
  2. Smart action required read-only populated form fields

Observed behavior

  1. The field descriptions lost the previous styling. We observed the change today.

  1. Smart action required read-only populated form fields are broken - the content of the reference field (set to a specific field in the layout settings) not displayed to the user. The required non-read-only populated fields display the text content all right.

Expected behavior

Description distinguished from the field name (like it was working last week).
Required read only populated form fields displayed to the user (like it was working last week).


  • Project name: Back Office
  • Team name: all of them
  • Environment name: all of them
  • Agent technology: rails
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: forest_liana 9.3.3
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: None last week, and last week everything was working fine.

Hello @nataliastanko

Indeed, a recent contribution to our frontend cause this issue. It has been reverted and the descriptions should be back to normal.
Just refresh your browser page