Issue with a django-forestadmin 1.6.8 => agent-python 1.3.0b8


We moved from django-forestadmin 1.6.8 to agent-python 1.3.0b8 as we were having the following warning message:

Now that we deployed the new version to all environment, we have the following issues:

Feature(s) impacted

In our workspaces:

  • We still have the same warning message telling us to upgrade.

Failure Logs


  • Project name: Tenure-Health
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Prod (also dev & stage)
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: agent-python 1.3.0b8
  • Database type: postgresql
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: tried to move from django-forestadmin 1.6.8 to agent-python 1.3.0b8

Thank you for your help

Hi @mxmk,
I see you have in your core_user collection, an enum field named timezone.
A strange coincidence is that your error appeared in the method that handles the search over enumerations, and said that a type ZoneInfo (which is the class for timezones) has not attribute....

Could you:

  1. Tell me if you encounter this error on other collections or just on your core_user collection ?
  2. Share your core_user.timezone field definition, with the enum definition (no need to be exhaustive for all timezones you have).

Waiting for your answer.

Hi @julien.barreau ,

Thanks for your response.

  1. It’s also happening for other collections (without timezone fields).

  2. Our field is defined as below:

timezone = TimeZoneField(default='US/Pacific')

From module:

from timezone_field import TimeZoneField

Does that answer your question?

Thanks for your help,


I will try to reproduce the bug with this, thanks you.

On others collection is it the same error ? Is it always ZoneInfo objects that is handle by this line of code ?

I’ll keep you in touch.

Hi @mxmk,
I’m on a good way to release a fix; but I prefer to make a few tests before releasing it.
Can you give me your versions of django and django-timezone-field ?

Hi @julien.barreau , thanks a lot for helping us. Please find below our versions:


I just released a fix (1.3.0b9) on pypi.
Tell me if it works.

Best regards.


Thanks a lot, it’s now working :+1:

FYI: We still have the warning message:

The agent version on which your project is running (v1.6.8) will soon reach its end-of-life and needs to be upgraded. Learn more

But that’s a detail :slight_smile:


As I can see you have only upgraded your development environment; the banner message is still there because your production environment is not yet upgraded.

Best regards,

My bad, you are right :face_with_peeking_eye:

Everything looks fine now!


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