Layout refresh problem again

Hi team,

I don’t know if my problem is the same than for issue Layout refresh problem

I have a new layout refresh problem.
For my Discounts collection, I modified the model

   fees_scope: {
      type: DataTypes.ENUM('FX_FEES', 'UPFRONT_FEES'),
      allowNull: true,
    discount_type: {
      type: DataTypes.ENUM('P2W', 'P2P', 'P2B', 'BankFees'),
      allowNull: true,


   fees_scope: {
      type: DataTypes.ENUM('FX_FEES', 'UPFRONT_FEES', 'FX+UP_FEES', 'NONE'),
      allowNull: true,
    discount_type: {
      type: DataTypes.ENUM('P2W', 'P2P', 'P2B', 'BankFees', 'PARTNER_OFFER'),
      allowNull: true,

As, you can see, only some Enum values have been added in two fields.

When restarting my server, the new enum values are well generated in .forestadmin-schema.json file:

--- a/.forestadmin-schema.json
+++ b/.forestadmin-schema.json
@@ -7631,7 +7631,8 @@
-        "BankFees"
+        "BankFees",
+        "PARTNER_OFFER"
       "integration": null,
       "isFilterable": true,
@@ -7678,7 +7679,12 @@
       "field": "fees_scope",
       "type": "Enum",
       "defaultValue": null,
-      "enums": ["FX_FEES", "UPFRONT_FEES"],
+      "enums": [
+        "FX_FEES",
+        "UPFRONT_FEES",
+        "FX+UP_FEES",
+        "NONE"
+      ],
       "integration": null,
       "isFilterable": true,
       "isPrimaryKey": false,

But the new values are not available in the Forest interface:

And, globally, I have more and more refresh problems with the columns showed and hidden (previous issue).
It is becoming more and more instable, and difficult to use.

Thanks in advance for your help.

My setup

    "database_type": "postgres",
    "liana": "forest-express-sequelize",
    "liana_version": "6.6.3",
    "engine": "nodejs",
    "engine_version": "12.13.1",
    "orm_version": "5.22.3"

Hi @Louis-Marie,

We are currently investigating both of your issues right now.
I’ll update this thread if we find any reason for the behavior you are experiencing.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sorry for the delayed response. Could you provide me the environment on which you did this modification ? I’m not able to see this changes in our saved schema, so maybe this issue is not related to your previous one.

Thanks in advance

Hi @jeffladiray

This is in Development environment.


The change should have been uploaded into your schema around 12h00 Paris time today.

If it can help, I can revert it back by removing the change, restart my server, put again the new enum, and restart again my server to let you follow the operations.

Please let me know how I can help.


The change should have been uploaded into your schema around 12h00 Paris time today.

Ok, I located this changes (So it was definitely sent, no issue here).

Does this change now appear on your UI, or is it still missing?

I mainly want to know this to check if that was a delayed job (Which happened around that time today) or if it was a refresh layout that did not went through.

Again, sorry for the question/answer debug session here.

Thanks :pray:

The change is still not available in the UI.

Please feel free to ask. I am available now to make any test if required.
I just want it to work :wink:


I did a manual refresh on this specific environment.
Do you see your changes now ?

Yes, now I see it.

However, I am afraid to put this change in production, because of this issue.
I can test it in Staging.

How would you recommend to proceed?

I would suggest to try on a staging environment first, just to be sure. If any issue is detected, you should be able to apply the same change on production.

We should be able to refresh any environment having the problem, but from what I understood, the original issue is due to job queuing, so we will still require more in depth investigation to avoid this happening to you in the future.

Ok, the change has been applied in Staging without any issue.

So, I will forward it in production, in the evening.

Thanks for your help.


Hi jeffladiray

I still have a refresh problem in Production environment.

The changes described in this issue have been taken into account, but I have two other changes that were applied at the same time, and they have not been completed in Production:

  • a new collection : vstat_transactions_month
  • a change in a many to many associtation

Could you please manually refresh our Production environment?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Louis-Marie :wave:, I refresh your production environment cache let me know if the issue persist.

Hi @Arnaud_Moncel

The issue persists yes.
Same problem, nothing changed.


I do another manipulation, can you try to refresh your browser.
If the issue persist can you give me an exemple of untaken changes.

Same issue.

The collection : vstat_transaction_months was added recently.

It appears in Development, and in Staging, but it does not appear in Production.

From what i can see, your collection vstat_transaction_months is present, can you check if it not simply hidden please?

No, I am sorry.

When I switch in Layout design mode, I cannot see it, while I can see it in Staging, and in Development.

Let me give you another example of a change that does not appear:
I was having a many to many relation from devices to t_users named: “users”
=> I changed it to have a many to many relation from devices to users named: “users_on_device”

In Production, I still have the old one.

Hi again,

How can I help?
I can trace network flows, or give you any more information.
But, please, I need it to work.


Do you notice the issue on all the teams? On which team do you work?