Grid Layout Views don't Stay the Same

I go through and customize which columns I want in my grid/spreadsheet view, and the changes are reflected. But after I refresh it will revert columns back to visible. This has happened since I started using Forest in January, but is becoming a bigger pain point as we now have many teams and segments created. It’s difficult to make multiple changes during the day that I don’t have to remember to fix later. Any thoughts on why this might be happening? This error also occurs when I’m revising the layout of dashboards. Thank you in advance!

Hey @Matt,

I might have an idea. The error are not printed when reordering columns. I made a fix this morning. I’ll ping here when it’s live. WHen it is could you try to reorder columns and send me the error you have if there is any :wink:

@Matt, can you try again and show me the error if you have one (if the toastr is too fast just open your console :wink:)

@vince Glad to help any way I can. I’m not seeing any errors whenever I refresh the page on the console as of now. I don’t know if it’s producing an error, or just not committing all the changes before I refresh the page.

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@vince I also run into this issue when updating the visibility of segments as well. Not sure if that helps. Grid view on segments, dashboards, the visibility of segments, the summary view layout of individual records, and from time to time the order of smart actions in the grid view as well. These are the instances in which I’ve run into this issue so far.

Hello @Matt,

Would you mind sharing a bit more info with us so I can look into this issue?

In your DevTools, you should see a request to /api/layout when you reorder some columns.
Can you tell me the values for the Forest-* headers (eg: Forest-Environment-Id…) and the payload for this request?

Thank you

@Guillaume_Deslandes I definitely know it helps to have more detailed information about the requests and errors, and I am happy to help try to get some more information when I can. Just wanted to let you guys know it’s an issue I’ve run into since January, not sure if others are running into the same issue. Columns, fields, and segments will just reappear after I made them not visible. That’s the most basic root of the problem.

Hi @matt, this problem is not reproducted, you should be able to hide/show as you wish these components.
In order to investigate, can you please give me additionnal informations?
-Your HAR while reproducting the act of hiding an element (if some network call is in error)
-Your project name
-Your environnment name (if it happen only on one environment)
-Your team name (if it happen on one team)

To create an HAR, right-click on the request list in your network tab.