Linking Forest to several environments

Hey guys, I just installed ForestAdmin with docker, my stack is Nodejs and my DB is postgres.
I wanted to know if I have to create a docker container for each of my environments (DEV, PREPROD and PROD) or do I only have to mount 1 single forest admin docker at my bastion for all of my environments?

Thanks a lot guys!

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Hi @caid,

ForestAdmin lets you build your project over several environments. Each of those environments can be link to any database (but those databases needs to have a similar schema).

Once you finalize your first onboarding, you’ll be able to see an orange banner telling you to deploy your project to production.

By following the given link, you’ll setup a production environment which you can link to a production database.

Here’s the all documentation about deploying to production: Setup guide - Documentation

I hope this will help, feel free to come back and make another post if you encounter any issues.

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Hey @lamatt_v ,

Thank you very much for your fast reply, I’m sorry for mine (I was off these days :confused: )
So just to be sure, I have to create one docker container for forestadmin for each of my environment or just one single attached to all of my environments will do the job?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @caid,

Yes, you should have one forest container (we name it the “agent” or the “liana”) per environment.

Heyy @Sliman_Medini

Really sorry, I was busy as heck and forgot to reply :confused:
I tried to deploy on prod my forest admin but it asked for my admin backend’s URL, do I need 3 urls for each of my DEV, PREPROD and PROD environments?

Thank you very much!

Hi @caid :wave: deploy to production for us mean link your production server with your forest project.

You just created a new project.
So you have a development environment linked to the server who run on your local host (eg: the nodeJs application installed with docker).

Deploy to production mean you need to host on your end all your development architecture inside a remote server. And link this architecture with the forest production environment by following the documentation send above.

So yes of course you need to have multiple endpoint who represent your DIFFERENT architectures. Unless it is useless to create new forest environment.

Let me know if that help.

Heyy @Arnaud_Moncel !
thank you very much for your fast reply!!!

I just read my question above “I tried to deploy on prod my forest admin but it asked for my admin backend’s URL, do I need 3 urls for each of my DEV, PREPROD and PROD environments?” and I think that I misspoke, I meant 1 URL for each of my environment? (I’m not getting it clearly :confused: )


Yes of corse you need one url for each environment because it’s linked to three different nodeJs application. And you need different URL to access it. It make sens for you?

Alright!!! Thank you so much @Arnaud_Moncel !!!

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