How to create a local environment on forestadmin?

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I’m trying to create a new local environment on my forest admin but it’s asking for an https url (my local url is http), I followed this tutorial and it’s using htttp : Environments - Developer guide
Can you please help me?

Project name: NostrumCare


You can only have one local environment on forest admin (this is called the development environment). All other environments are remote and must be accessible through HTTPS for security and technical reasons.

Why do you need to create another development environment?

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the thing is, how do I switch on the local environment, because I it looks like I only have remote environments :

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Regarding the fact that you don’t have a development environment yet, my previous answer was not accurate.

There is actually a bug that prevents from displaying the instruction in the application. I reported this bug and we will tackle it soon.

Here is what you can do to create a new development environment:

  • Install the forest cli with npm install -g forest-cli
  • Copy the source code from your production environment in a local folder
  • Run the command forest init inside this folder
  • Copy/paste the environment variables displayed in the console into the .env file in your folder

You’ll find the documentation about the command forest init here.

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