Memory usage during export action


I got some annoying crashes when users try to use the forest’s export action.
After investigations, crashes are caused by exceeding memory usage limit on server. (1.4Gb)

I monitored the memory usage of the node process, I observed that the memory usage skyrocket for no apparent reasons.

I have 8800 records, I commented out all smart fields, all relations, chose only the id column.
The memory usage go from 30MB to 500MB !
My whole table is 8.5MB

  • Project name: MyCater
  • Team name: MyCompany
  • Environment name: Development (ALL)
  • Agent technology: Node
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: forest-express-sequelize@9.3.9
  • Database type: Mysql

Hello @Cobs,

Thanks for the detailed report. We are currently trying to reproduce the issue that you are facing to better understand the problem.

As a pointer, could you please let us know if you encounter those crashes / memory spikes on other collection/table exports.

Did you change anything of significance in your project recently (packages, node or database versions) ?


I’ll let you know if we manage to reproduce on our end