Pagination Problem on forestexpress-sequelize@3.3.0

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Feature(s) impacted

Pagination of tables, and can not export registers.
Since 28/02/2022 suddenly the pagination dont works and when we want to export registers it gives us an error as you can see in the image below.

Observed behavior

Captura de pantalla de 2022-03-01 21-47-50

Failure Logs

Captura de pantalla de 2022-03-01 21-37-11


  • forest-express-sequelize@^3.3.3
  • “express”: “4.16.0”
  • “node”: “12.x”,

Hi @DaniC and welcome in our community :champagne: !

Sorry to hear that.
I see you have an error, could you please give me the full error (with the stacktrace) on your server :pray:

Could you please gave me the query parameters (decoded) sent to your server :pray:

http://localhost:3001/forest/incidentMsg/count?fields[incidentMsg]=agent,createdAt,id,incident,internal,message,status,type,updatedAt&fields[incident]=id&filter=[object Object]&filterType=and&timezone=Europe/Madrid

We are working on a fix. This issue happen only on really OLD agent. If you update your version of forest-express-sequelize following the migration guide you can find in our documentation you will be able to make it work :wink:

A fix should be live in 30minutes

Perfect! Thank you very much

@DaniC can you confirm it’s working again on your side?


Yes, the fix resolves the problem. Thanks again!

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