Mobile Version - Can't access user menu anymore

I am aware that on smaller screens the experience is not optimized and when you choose to continue on a smaller screen “you are on your own”
Still - for a long time it was possible to work and switch teams on mobile. In the past week or so some change to the layout was done that prevents access to some parts of the screen on mobile. It’s not an official regression but still very painful for us - we have management members that need on-the-go access and used to still be able to work somehow. Now it’s completely broken.

Any chance to at least restore it to what it was before?

Hi @Yoad_Snapir,

We introduce a regression recently. Even if we are not officially supporting the mobile version we don’t want to introduce such regression…

I have created a ticket in our internal process. I will let our team keep you updated once fixed. :slight_smile:

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Hello @Yoad_Snapir,

We recently made a change on the front to improve the User Menu access and be able to switch teams on small screens. Is it better now ?

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