Issue - Layout gone for all our teams


Since 1:29pm Paris time, all our layouts, for all our teams are gone due to a small mistake from us.

Could you help us to restore them as they were until this morning please (let’s say 11 am) ?

Also, could you prevent dev teams to easily copy their forest layout to production please ? A warning message would be a plus :slight_smile:



  • Project name: Okarito
  • Team name: All (Operations, Tech, Externes, and Sales)
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: Yes

Hi @Guillaume_Laganier :wave: ,

Unfortunately restoring a layout backup is only available on Enterprise plan.

However, if you have any environments that are close to production, you can restore your UI from these envs.

Also, I have activated on your project our new development workflow to prevent this happening in the future. With this new feature, ALL environments (dev & remote) will inherit automatically from all production layout changes. Thus, reducing copy layout errors.

Hope this will help!