Model: how to synchronize updated database table to forestadmin model

Hi Forestadmin Support team,

I have a update database table on mysql, added 2 table below: HD & COA
Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 6.04.36 PM
But result on forest admin:

Please help me: how to synchronize with keep all my configuration before?

Thanks & Regards!
Hung Chu - Corp IT Head (Vietnam)

Unfortunately we don’t have a command to update yet.
But the good news is the dev team is working on it.

The solution you have is:
1: Create the models / routes and forest files to your own.
2: Create a new temporary project and copy paste the generated file inside your old one.

Plus, by default the new table was disabled, make sur you enabled it with the layout editor.

Let me know if it’s help.