Update Forest Admin UI based on added models

Dear Forest Admin,

I created a new project with forest-cli. At that time, my database had three testing columns:

  1. employees
  2. post
  3. users

These are also visible in Forest Admin UI.
Now, I created a new table test and I would like to see that table also in database.

  1. After I created the new table test.
  2. I ran forest schema:update
  3. I see the changes in my source code.
  4. Now, I tried forest schema:apply

However, I still do not see that table in Forest Admin UI.

My source code looks like this:

That new table test is not listed in forestadmin-schema.json

Could you please help me, how to proceed?


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • forest-cli/2.4.1 darwin-x64 node-v16.6.1
  • express: “~4.17.1”
  • sequelize: “~5.15.1”
  • forest-express-sequelize: “^8.0.0”

Thank you,

Hi @Vaclav :wave: Just after run forest schema:update you must restart your server to regenerate the .forestadmin-schema.json. After that you do not have to run forest schema:apply the start of your server do it :slight_smile: .
Be aware, after synchronization the new table will be hidden in the ui. Please activate the layout editor to make it visible.
Le me know!