MongoDB was moved to another cloud

We moved our database (Mongodb) to another cloud provider. So connection string was changed and Forest production admin panel lost connection.

Where should I change DB URI to make it work again?

If you have exported your connection string as an env variable, you have to change it there (on your server like Heroku or whatever).

If you did not export your variables, you can change the connection string in the .env.json file.

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Thanks for your answer.
We changed connection string on heroku, otherwise our apps wouldn’t work. Also I changed DATABASE_URL in .env file and deployed it. But only development setup works. Production doesn’t show any data

Hi @Artem_Nazarenko,

Do you have any logs on your production server? Did you restart your server once the environment variable was changed?

If that’s possible on your end, I would suggest to try re-deploying on a remote environment (Following the deploy on remote onboarding) in order to check that everything works as expected.

Let me know if that helps.

Hi @jeffladiray,

I fixed the issue eventually. The problem indeed was in connection string. Thanks!