Move to production

@louis I have been working in ForestAdmin project in local for 1 month. Now, we have planned to move that project to pre-production. Can you help us to move to production?


Hi @Mayur_Malaviya :wave:,

Sure happy to help. Have you followed our step-by-step guide for this? Have you encountered any issues on this process?

Yes, we tried that. But it seems some error. Can we do arrange meeting?

@Mayur_Malaviya can you please share more information about the errors you’re encountering to have a better idea of the origin of the problem. It would help us investigate further before a screen sharing session :pray:

@louis We tried to create new project and provide backend server URL with https protocol. It is authenticated but can’t connect to database. It seems to connect database with different IP address. I have attached screen shot of screen and error document file which is logged console to identify error.

Processing: forestadmin.error…


Hey @Mayur_Malaviya,

You don’t need to create a new project to deploy. If you want a remote environment this can be done by clicking on Deploy to a remote environment first.

(Did you set the right database information to connect to your database ?)

Kind regards,