Lost possibility to develop locally since migrating to the new development workflow

Hi Forest Support,
We have upgraded to the new development workflow and unfortunately lost the capability to develop locally. We were running a local backend on our laptop on http://localhost:3310.
Since the migration, we cannot do so anymore as we need to locally run on https. I’ve set up a server to run as https but it just doesn’t work anymore.
Not really convenient.
What can I do to be able to develop locally again ?

Hello @Jean-Yves_Poilleux :wave: and welcome to our community!

I’m going to be spitballing some questions so that we can get our heads around the problem okay?
First off, I’ll need the followings:

  • What is your project name?
  • What is your environment name?
  • What are your agent type & version?
  • When did you perform (exactly if possible) the migration?
  • What is your project name?
  • What is your environment name?
  • What are your agent type & version?
    sequelize v8
  • When did you perform (exactly if possible) the migration?
    May 11th


Hey @Jean-Yves_Poilleux, thanks for the information :ok_hand:

The migration should have removed all your development environments and created a new one prefixed with "Development | ". This new environment has been created :ok: .

What we suggest :clipboard::

  • Get the secrets from the newly created environment called Development | anXXXXXXXrd
  • Set these secrets in your agent

Waiting for your feedback :muscle:

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I think I was not clear about my problem because I don’t have issues with authentication. Let me rephrase.

Before the migration, we were able to run our backend server on our laptops and perform tests on a dedicated environment pointing to http://localhost:3310 (as configured). This was working fine.

Now after the migration, I try to do the same thing but the forest front-end does not allow me to point to an http endpoint. I need to set up an https endpoint (https VS http). I’ve tried running my backend server as https but this proved to be unsuccessful. We are not able to develop our forest backend locally. We need to code and ship it to our test environment to validate our changes. Far from ideal.

How can we fix this ?
Thanks in advance

Any thoughts about this?

Hi @Jean-Yves_Poilleux,

Here is your environment list:

  • Development | antoinec*** - type: dev
  • local - type: remote
  • new-develop - type: remote
  • Develop - type: remote
  • production - type: production

remote environments are HTTPS only, while dev can be HTTP.
remote environments are made to run on servers.
I think these environments were turned into remote instead of development ones when you migrate to DWO.

Now you should re-create new development environments, these one should be dropped.

  • drop these environments from the UI under project settingsenvironments tab.
  • create again your development environment using the forest init command from your laptop
  • important: remove the FOREST_ENV_SECRET from your .env to get a new one.


Hi and thank you for the advice,

I did what you suggested and now I can see my environment. A good step forward! My server is running locally and has the correct endpoint with the correct port.
Now I’m getting a authentication issue. I’ve looked at the doc but couldn’t find anything about this error. Could you please help me out ? See screenshot

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jean-Yves_Poilleux,

Sorry for the delay, and sorry for this not answering answer too but, can you please ask a new question about this new topic?
I am not up-to-date with auth-related questions, you will be re-routed there.