Multiple database connections and the possibility to toggle which one to use

We are planning an international expansion, where we wish to clone our MongoDB cluster and deploy it in new countries/regions. Because of this, we will end up with multiple identical clusters.

Ideal solution
Is there any way to toggle which MongoDB connection URL to use in forest admin? I’m envisioning some kind of region/cluster toggle button. Ideally, it should also be possible to restrict access to some regions, depending on who is logged in.

Alternative solution
We want to try to avoid having multiple Forest Admin projects, as this would mean maintaining multiple UIs and deploying multiple backends. Is there a way to copy a UI from one project to another, with an identical backend?

Any other ideas?
We’re open to suggestions, would there be some other way to manage multiple identical MongoDB clusters in Forest Admin, preferably from a single project with the possibility to restrict user access to specific clusters?

Project configuration information

  • Project name: PayAtt Internal Admin Portal
  • Team name: IT
  • Environment name: Production
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: forest-express-mongoose: ^8.7.9
  • Database type: MongoDB Atlas

Hi zakarias,

Would you be available for a quick call, we may have some workaround for you.
I will send you an invite by mail.