New column not showing in production server while it is showing in development server in forest admin

Feature(s) impacted

new column not showing in production server while it is showing in development server in forest admin.while i created new column and run migration and pushed the migrated file as well as .forestadmin-schema.json file pushed in the production server and run migration but still column name not showing in forest admin under production server.please help me.

Observed behavior

column name(colour) not showing in forest admin under production server.

Expected behavior

column name(colour ) should be visible in forest admin under production server.

Failure Logs N/A

  • Project name: Upshift Car Club
  • Team name: …
  • Environment name: production server ( )
  • Agent type & version: …
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

Hello @rabendra_sharma and welcome on our community forum,

Can you try to edit your production layout to show if the new column does not appear as hidden by default?

What is your column name?

Kind regards,

Hi @anon16419211 ,I already checked this column (colour) not showing in production server layout.while it is showing in development server.

Ok, did you add it to your model from the production codebase ?

Yes, i added it to my car model in production server and it is showing there but not showing in the forest admin under production server.

Thanks for the clarification but I don’t see any car model in your production environment even if I can see one in your development environment so either you didn’t push your changes to your production environment or there was an error in the forest admin schema synchronization.

Can you try to relaunch your admin backend server and check that the logs are ok ? If not, can you send me the related error ?

As i checked there is no error in logs after restart the production server.

@anon16419211 AS you can see there is no colour column in production server. while it has car model.


As you see on top right corner colour column available in development env. Could please help me ,restart forest admin from your side . i don’t know what is exact issue because column name showing in database and as well as forestadmin-schema.json in production server.

Hi @anon16419211 ,may i get any help regarding this issue.

Hello @rabendra_sharma
I’ll be taking this thread from now on.

I checked your project on our admin panel, and I can see that the agent on your production environment is not updating its schema.

In production-model the agent rely solely on the .forestadmin-schema.json file when sending the schema to our server (unlike in development mode, your rails models are not introspected)

Can you

  • Check that the .forestadmin-schema.json file is up-to-date and available on your production environment? (search for colour to check if it is up-to-date)
  • Check that the .forestadmin-schema.json is not referenced in your .gitignore file (if you are versioning your agent code)
  • Restart the process hosting the agent in your production server (the schema is sent when the agent starts)

Hi @romaing ,First i’d like to say thanks for your kind response, As checked all things are fine there is no such issue
1 - colour name coming after searching in .forestadmin-schema.json file on my production environment.
2 - .forestadmin-schema.json is not under .gitignore file
3 - Restarted hosing agent .

could you please restart or update .“forestadmin-schema.json” file from your side or fix if other issue is there.thank you…

@romaing ,Could you please help me.

I checked our logs and we’re not getting any call on the schema endpoint on our end for this environment.

Can you try the following command on your end to force a manual update?
(this needs to be executed in your project’s folder)

forest schema:apply --secret ENV_SECRET_OF_THE_ENVIRONMENT

Hi @romaing , Could you please let me know this command “forest schema:apply --secret ENV_SECRET_OF_THE_ENVIRONMENT” won’t destroy or damage any data on production server.

Hey @rabendra_sharma,

The command @romaing shared you only post the .forestadmin-schema.json file to our servers (Which seems to be your original issue) and does not impact your database.

To be as clear as possible, and to make sure that no strange behavior will happen:

  • Can you confirm that on your production server, the .forestadmin-schema.json is the correct one (With the new column)
  • Can you confirm that your production database already have that column setup
  • Finally, can you confirm that the agent code is deployed to your production server

If you confirm all of these, then again, the command will only post the .forestadmin-schema.json file to our servers.
If one of them is a “no”, then it might explain why you are not seeing this new column on your production server.

Hi @jeffladiray , All given 3 points are okay but when i try to run given command in production server it showing “forest: command not found” while i am running this command on project server.please guide me where can i run this command and if i am putting this command in exact place then why getting “forest: command not found” error.please help me

You can find informations on how to install forest-cli here.

Let me know if that helps

Hi @jeffladiray , Can we have a meeting regarding this because i am unable to fix this issue and if i do any changes in the code side it visible on forest development admin but it is not reflecting in forest production server even after deploying the code in production server.

Hey , I had created new option in the one of the tab of forest admin panel, after that I had checked it in development its working well. But when I had checked in production it is not working, I had also pushed forest-schema.json file as well still am unable to see that new changes(new column) in the smart action section.
So my question here is, how that column will be visible in forest admin. Do I need to folow any furthur steps for it. I have been facing this issue since 6 months.