Add column module to production but not apply (new column is not display)

Dear Forest Admin Support,

I have issue when update module (add column to a table) on Production environment.
I added new columns to a table below:
Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 5.24.37 PM
i updated model file before push to Production

but new columns are not display after i restart application on Production environment:

Pls help me.

Thanks & Regards!
Hung Chu

Hi @chumanhhung235,

In production the .forestadmin-schema.json is not updated to avoid configuration to be broken in case of error.
I think you just forgot to update / push the file into your production :wink:

@vince: sorry, where is it?

Hello @chumanhhung235,

This file is an hidden one (initial dot).
Provided you are using git, please try:
git add .forestadmin-schema.json
and then commit/push to get the file onto production.

Hi @vince

how to update it? i don’t find file .forestadmin-schema.json?


The .forestadmin-schema.json should be automatically generated (or updated) on you development environment each time the server starts.
You can take the file there and send it to your production environment. Either via source control as recommended above or via a simple file transfer.

On Linux and Mac OS you can find the hidden files with ls -a in the terminal.

On Windows, see

@Guillaume_Deslandes i did it but i still issues as a topic’s subject " Add column module to production but not apply (new column is not display)"

You may need to manually make this new field visible. Activate edit mode with the paintbrush icon, and then use the left-most icon to show the field list.

Hi @Guillaume_Deslandes

i do it but not disply sp_parent & sp_code column:
Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 6.15.35 PM

Pls help me review it.

Hung Chu

Sorry to hear that @chumanhhung235,

Can you please tell me your project name (ideally the forest-project-id and forest-environment-id found in the network headers) so I can check the data received on our end?

Hi @Guillaume_Deslandes
my project here:
@vince @Guillaume_Deslandes: pls help me review it :slight_smile:

Hello @chumanhhung235,

We may have skipped a step. As Vince wrote earlier, the .forestadmin-schema.json file is not update in production. If you changed your models directly on your production environment this may explain the issue.

You need to update the models in development, start the project to refresh the schema file, and then send this updated schema to your production for it to update on the next restart.

:open_mouth:, i did it & issue is resolved. Thank you so much @Guillaume_Deslandes.